Capvidia – KOTEM PMI Automation Video

This video demonstrates the time savings from PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) automation versus manual entry of that information. We start with 2D drawings and 3D CAD model from Creo then: Translate the 2D annotations from the drawing to the 3D model as PMI Export to QIF (Quality Information Framework) from Creo Import into SmartProfile… Read more »

Coordinate Systems Option

This video shows how a CAD model’s coordinate system is easily changed to the inspection machine’s coordinate system with the “Coordinate Systems Option” in SmartProfile.

CAD Replacement

SmartProfile lets users easily find and replace features in a CAD model

Construction Option

A video example of the “Constructed Feature” option in KOTEM SmartProfile.

Traditional Tolerance Option

This video shows how application of GD&T and traditional tolerancing on the distance between two cylinders and the angles between two features changes the associated values, and explains the limitations of traditional tolerancing.