KOTEM Software Maintenance Agreement

KOTEM continually adds features and functions to our software products while ensuring that the products keep up with changes in the standards that underlie KOTEM accuracy and reliability. A KOTEM software maintenance agreement (SMA) keeps you up to date with changes in the standards while providing new features and functionality to your product.

KOTEM products are on the leading edge of metrology and tolerance software technologies important in Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Model-Based Design (MBD) and Model-Based Enterprises (MBE).  A KOTEM SMA “future proofs” your software investment in support of the evolution of advanced manufacturing.

Our latest products are rule-engine based and now have many user experience-driven changes that improve users’ experiences with those products. With a KOTEM SMA, you have these improvements automatically available to you.

Soft Maintenance Agreement Benefits

  • Receive all new releases of the GD&T ASME and GPS ISO standards as they become available.
  • Choose when to upgrade to the latest features and functionality in your product.
  • Receive Priority Support
  • Enroll up to two people to attend KOTEM online training classes each year.


To learn more or get a quote for a Software Maintenance Agreement for your software, please send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here.