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EVOLVE Manufacturing

What’s New in EVOLVE Manufacturing 6.0?


  • What are the PC Requirements for EVOLVE Manufacturing?
  • What is the goal of EVOLVE Manufacturing?
    • EVOLVE Manufacturing module is an environment allowing analysis of results from a manufacturing perspective. It helps identify why a part has failed during the GD&T evaluation and what corrective action(s) can fix or improve the manufacturing process.
  • What does EVOLVE Manufacturing do?
    • This module makes available the display of Location, Orientation, Size and Form error components of features or groups of features (in any combinations) in a chosen alignment.
    • The groups are determined by different manufacturing steps such as operations, tools, alignments, or are imported from CAM.
    • It uses the same measurement point cloud data as the GD&T evaluation to monitor and improve manufacturing operations.
  • Manufacturing quick introduction video:
  • What is the basic workflow?
    • Create the GD&T project
    • Create Coordinate Systems of the alignments
    • Add Alignments
    • Create Groups
    • Analyze the results with EVOLVE Manufacturing tools: Activate the required alignment and group(s), display the result of the error components, see the feature data and group deviation statistics panel or the point data.
    • Make corrective actions based on the results of the Group deviation statistics
    • Create report(s)
  • How do I get technical support for my Kotem product?
  • How can I report an issue?
    • Send e-mail to [email protected] :
      • Describe the problem you observed
      • Attach the following files if possible:
        • Screenshot of the problem
        • Bug report file (.spbr)
        • SmartProfile project file (.spp)
        • CAD model
        • Point file