KOTEM Blog PartsWe’re happy to announce that we have started a new KOTEM Blog where we will share useful information on a variety of topics related to metrology and metrology software. We’ll talk about how metrology might affect you and your entire enterprise.

Why is Kotem blogging?

For over twenty-five years we have been building and developing geometric dimensional software for manufacturing industries and we have learned a lot in the process. We want to share our insights and prompt conversations. We want to talk about problems and solutions, and emerging trends. We want to hear what you think, and hear about the problems you are trying to solve.

We plan to have leading people in the industry contribute to our blog posts. We hope you will find it informative and interesting.

If there’s a topic you’re interested in, please let us know. If you would like to be a contributor, please get in touch. Contact Us.

Ray Stahl

Ray Stahl is the VP of Marketing at Kotem Ltd. Prior to working at Kotem Ltd., he was a co-founder of a successful SaaS company that he sold in 2016. Ray has held senior positions in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Ray is a Lean Six-Sigma Black-Belt and holds a master of business and information technology management.