3D CIC LogoEvent: 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress

When: October 15-18, 2018

Where: Golden, Colorado

Theme: Enterprise Accountability

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress has become a yearly barometer of the state of collaboration and interoperability strategy, technology, and solutions for commercial and government organizations. Presenters and attendees are real-world users who represent the medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, industrial equipment, and other product development industries, with strong support by technology leaders for CAD collaboration and interoperability.

What does Enterprise Accountability mean for 3D collaboration and interoperability for the product lifecycle?

Products are built by designing, manufacturing, and maintaining quality at each step of content generation. Adequacy of information across the enterprise can be checked by software and humans. Software tools automate and resolve execution deficiencies while revealing errors that require human attention.

New procedures written to take advantage of a digital transformation inside Industry 4.0 require persistent consistency to influence the organizational culture that naturally resists change.

This year’s 3D CIC event will move this conversation forward.

KOTEM at 3D CIC 2017KOTEM will again this year be an event sponsor as manufacturing moves from considering should they do Model-Based Enterprise to how do they implement it and the challenges of making it happen. KOTEM’s EVOLVE Suite spans from design to inspection the application, communication, and verification of product tolerances is an essential part of the conversation of this event.


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