EVOLVE Suite 10.0

June 26, 2023 — KOTEM is pleased to announce the latest version of the powerful EVOLVE Suite of software packages. EVOLVE enables you to efficiently define, communicate, and monitor design intent across your manufacturing enterprise.

The EVOLVE 10.0 Suite comprises (4) software packages:


What’s new in EVOLVE SPC 10.0?

Major Enhancements

  • Integrated SPC
    • SmartProfile GD&T (GPS) and Manufacturing modules get integrated to SPC
    • Use SmartProfile and Manufacturing projects directly
  • Statistical chart and data table in the 3D view
  • Enhanced Characteristics panel
  • Enhanced Database panel


Integrated SPC

Ability to import SmartProfile and Manufacturing projects directly to SPC with all its gain.

Import EVOLVE project files (*.EP, *.SPP) directly

  • SPC will process all the required information from these files – CAD model, characteristics, measurement results, filters
  • No need to export legacy statistic file

CAD driven statistical analysis

  • Select characteristic by clicking a CAD feature on the 3D model and the corresponding characteristic will appear immediately
  • Enhanced representation of the characteristics on the CAD model and in the Characteristic table
    • GD&T (GPS) labels are shown from SmartProfile
    • Manufacturing labels are introduced by the error components
  • Real characteristic connection with the CAD model
    • No need extra steps to connect the characteristics with the CAD model

Full detailed result visualization:

SmartProfile-like result visualization is integrated to SPC

  • Read-only projects
  • Filters from SPC module are transferred and can be used to make the analysis easier
  • Result Selector to check other measurement results

Manufacturing characteristic result visualization is now introduced

  • Check the characteristic result by simply double-clicking on it
  • Filtering of the characteristic list from Filters panel
  • Result Selector to check other measurement results

Group deviation statistics is available of the same type of characteristics (e.g., All locations)

Result Selector in GD&T and Manufacturing modules

  • Ability to select a specific result file by its available metadata
  • The result of the selected project will be imported and shown

Chart and data in the 3D view

  • Visualize single chart on the CAD
  • Show additional, arbitrary statistic results in table format next to the chart
  • Save chart and data with the Views

Create CAD model centric statistical reports in Reporting

Enhanced Characteristics panel

Advanced GD&T and MNF child characteristic representation on Characteristics panel (available if primary file is EP, SPP or QIF).

Enhanced Database panel

  • Unified design of the panel
  • Metadata display modes that are stored on application level
    • Significant – the metadata with different values is visible
    • All – all metadata are shown
    • Custom – custom set of metadata is shown

Further enhancements

  • Query capability during Real Time monitoring (e.g., to see the results only of a given operator)
  • Ability to customize part identifier metadata
  • Enable importing results from QIF files and perform statistics on it
  • Enhanced filtering of manufacturing characteristics in SPC


We hope the new features and improvements of EVOLVE Suite 10.0 will assist you to efficiently define, communicate, and monitor design intent across your manufacturing enterprise.

Feel free to contact us with any question!