July 9, 2021 – KOTEM is pleased to announce the latest version of the powerful EVOLVE suite of software packages.  EVOLVE enables you to efficiently define, communicate, and monitor design intent across your manufacturing enterprise.

The EVOLVE 8.0 suite comprises (4) software packages:

  • EVOLVE Design
  • EVOLVE SmartProfile®
  • EVOLVE Manufacturing

What’s New in EVOLVE 8.0?

Highlights include:

  • Enhanced Data Preparation for large point clouds in EVOLVE SmartProfile & EVOLVE Manufacturing
  • Profile of a line support in 3D projects
  • Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced Data Preparation

  • Redesigned UI with all functions available in the same window
  • New Traceable mode to maintain the history of operations performed on the point cloud, and modify it at any time:
  • New manual Point to CAD Align function and Manual Point Removal tool
  • Enhanced Feature Assignment:

Profile of Line Support in 3D

  • Profile of a line is now supported in 3D projects, for both ASME and ISO standards
  • In ASME, EACH ELEMENT or EACH RADIAL ELEMENT notation is placed as an extension of the Profile of line tolerance, which is used to control individual line elements of a surface:
  • In ISO, an intersection plane indicator is placed to the right of the Profile of a line tolerance which identifies the orientation of the line requirement:

Enhanced Reporting

  • Report preview is now displayed in single page mode in order to exactly match the exported PDF report:
  • Picture quality improvements
  • Improved drag & drop visualization
  • New FCF details report item, where page breaks can be automatically added under each feature control frame segment

Other Enhancements

  • Measurement Strategy can be added to every feature and saved into QIF/EIF files
  • Enhanced QIF Export/Import functions
  • QIF Export is available in the Script Wizard
  • New simplified Basic mode in the Feature dialog
  • Torus can now be used as a source feature in constructions
  • Individual surfaces can be automatically created from geometry selection
  • Straightness per length and Flatness per area can be defined in the top segment (ASME)
  • Spherical diameter datum targets are supported
  • New Size control in Constructions and Traditional Tolerances