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KOTEM will be at CONTROL 2019

CONTROL 2019 in Stuggart, Germany is the largest quality show in Europe and once again KOTEM will be presenting our EVOLVE Suite the leader in product tolerance management and presenting our newest software modules this year.

EVOLVE Suite is a set of software applications that apply, communicate and verify product tolerances throughout the design to manufacturing process. Using Model-Based Definition (MBD) ability to manage GD&T (GPS) in 3-D models for downstream users who currently using engineering drawings.

EVOLVE Suite provides the means of viewing 3-D models from different CAD applications to a lightweight format that allows users to have access to the model along with the dimensions, tolerances, annotations, and management information.

The future of EVOLVE Suite is a tolerance information system for the rest of the modern manufacturing information systems. Today most systems consume only summary data from measurement systems thus limiting the ability of future investigations due to lack of detailed data.

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