EVOLVE 6.0 is Ready for You

October 7, 2019 – KOTEM is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of the powerful EVOLVE Suite of software that lets you rely on GD&T to normalize product tolerances across the enterprise.

Today manufacturing companies use multiple software products from numerous sources, each with its own GD&T engine.  Since GD&T engines calculate differently, tolerances are interpreted, displayed, and calculated differently in each product, increasing uncertainty in your production process. EVOLVE 6.0 solves the problem.

What’s New in EVOLVE Suite 6.0?

The sixth generation of popular SmartProfile®, the heart of the EVOLVE Suite, offers many new and powerful features, expanding EVOLVE’s mission of providing reliable part tolerancing for all users in today’s manufacturing enterprises.


New Features in the EVOLVE Modules:


  • Design History tool for tracking and reporting edits and changes
  • Sophisticated point generator and measurement simulation of surfaces features and patterns
  • Existing or imported features can be edited by adding or removing CAD faces
  • Extended GD&T proofing with more message types
  • Enhanced ISO 1101 GPS support
  • General Tolerancing based on ISO 2768/22081
  • JEITA general tolerancing
  • Construction, Traditional Tolerances
  • QIF v3.0 PMI import and export
  • CAD Bridge for CREO
  • Extensive usability improvements

EVOLVE SmartProfile®

  • General Tolerancing based on ISO 2768/22081
  • JEITA general tolerancing
  • Enhanced ISO 1101 GPS support
  • Extensive usability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Existing or imported features can be edited by adding or removing CAD faces
  • Color map labels hidden state visualized
  • Construction, Traditional Tolerances:
    • Components of slots and widths can be used (e.g. midplane or axis)
    • Tangent cylinder, tangent sphere and tangent planes supported
  • Support for negative angle and distance
  • Point data preparation improvements:
    • BOOST™ (aka PAMS) setup with notes
    • Feature based deviation
    • PointToCAD – 3 point manual alignment with two views
    • CMM points with tip radius are supported by all filters
  • New Reporting table types (All characteristics in a list)
  • Global Alignment deviation values in Text Report
  • QIF v3.0 PMI import and export (including measured points and results)
  • Basic I++ client
  • Improved free Result Viewer (Colored result visualization for Traditional Tolerances)

EVOLVE Manufacturing

  • What If Analysis with Simulation (machining corrections can be optimized and simulated)
  • Enhanced analysis at surface features (including orientation error)
  • Support of manufacturing characteristics (independent of GD&T)
  • Released DRF enhancements
  • GibbsCAM support by importing CNC operation groups and machining alignments
  • And all the improvements of SmartProfile


EVOLVE SPC User interface


E-SPC Database

  • Test and Production databases
  • Improved database – the ability to store CAD data and Project data
  • New database query UI
  • Upload functionality from Statistical Analysis and Gage R&R – to store local files in the database

E-SPC Real-Time

  • Latest part mode
  • QVI OGP software integration (Measure-X, MeasureMind 3D, ZONE3)
  • Extra chart parameters – now it is possible to show parameters e.g. Cp, Range, Average on the Real-Time charts

E-SPC Statistical Analysis

  • New Excel and PDF reports – (Raw data, First Article, Five-piece)

E-SPC Gage R&R

  • Study – If the metadata (PART, TRIAL, OPERATOR) is not stored in the statistics files, you can create a Gage R&R Study to associate the metadata to the existing files.
  • Directed Study – In this case, after specifying the proper parameters (PART, TRIAL, OPERATOR) and their order in the Study dialog, the software guides through the measuring process.
  • MSA reports are available from Reporting