EVOLVE SmartProfile 5.0 Budapest, Hungary August 3rd – Kotem officially released our fifth generation of the SmartProfile software. The update to EVOLVE SmartProfile now brings all of the EVOLVE software modules to the same revision level and provide many new features.

EVOLVE SmartProfile 5.0 New Features

  • New visual design look and feel.
  • GD&T Proofing panel (GD&T Proofing and Evaluation messages with detailed explanations and suggestions how to fix the applied GD&T)
  • Reorganized and improved Explanatory system
  • Enhanced FCF editor (in a separate window with a 3D view, built-in explanatory system, warning and error messages,…)
  • Calculation improvements:
    • Projected tolerance zone range is supported
    • Simultaneity modifiers for patterns (Individually and CZ, SZ modifiers)
    • Ability to define custom degrees of freedoms
    • Dynamic profile in ASME
  • Custom distance creation
  • Ability to move the labels in any selection modes
  • Improved Datum fail explanation with pictures to illustrate the problem
  • New constructed feature types:
    • Cone from Axis and Angle
    • A tangent plane from two cylinders
  • Data preparation improvements:
    • CAD-Based point elimination / Feature-based outliers
    • Feature-based fine alignment
  • Beta QIF (CAD+PMI) import
  • Manufacturing:
    • Released DRFs are available


Building EVOLVE Design we added to EVOLVE SmartProfile

EVOLVE SmartProfile Explanatory Systems View

Many of the things we learned in building our EVOLVE Design for designers we decided were features that quality people would appreciate too. Kotem’s enhanced Explanatory System, for example, was a direct result of our efforts to help a designer “proof” their designs and explain to them why Kotem said that items where wrong or not best practices in an effort to provide guidance to them but it also provides a means of consistent application of the GD&T standards by designers which we believe with giving a real benefit for the quality people that received models with better GD&T

Its now EVOLVE SmartProfile

With the release of EVOLVE SmartProfile Kotem will discontinue having two version of SmartProfile and will be sold under the EVOLVE SmartProfile brand name going forward. EVOLVE SmartProfile is the foundation on which the EVOLVE Suite is built.


If you have questions or like to learn more about EVOLVE SmartProfile, please contact [email protected].