KOTEM expanded the EVOLVE Suite with the official release of EVOLVE Design and EVOLVE SPC software products on January 31, 2018. Both products are now part of the EVOLVE Suite in addition to being available as independent software products.

Better Communicate Design Intent

EVOLVE Design is a powerful stand-alone software product that allows MCAD designer to import their CAD model files and add GD&T information. It also allows importing a QIF file to be checked or proofed for the user’s selected GD&T standards. Models that have been proofed can be saved as EVOLVE Projects to be used by downstream users. Change requests can be documented and shared.

EVOLVE Design is a powerful tool that enables designers to get a part’s tolerancing checked and communicated to manufacturing, without concern for the machines used or where in the world it is made. The software can eliminate countless man-hours reworking specified tolerances for manufacturability.

Process Stats and Model in One View

EVOLVE SPC is a powerful statistical process control software built for modern manufacturing needs.  An industry leading feature is the inclusion of the CAD Model along with the traditional graphs and tables that are in other SPC products. This visual context-sensitive capability means that operation personnel can easily see troublesome areas that require more attention.