Putting Data into Context

Industrial analytics is a rapidly emerging area of manufacturing innovation. It’s part of the conversation at Kotem and probably many other companies looking toward the future of manufacturing. The people at Digital Engineering recently posted an interesting article about the new age of industrial analytics and the industrial internet of things (IIOT). It talks about the challenges that manufacturers face in dealing with manufacturing data.

Preparing raw data for analysis is just the first step in the process before analytics can be brought to bear to deliver optimum value. After the data is cleaned, consolidated and formatted, it has to be set within its operational context so that engineers and plant managers can gain a clear understanding of risks, options and ramifications.

Quality teams today are creating a tremendous amount of valuable measurement data, but too often the details get lost in high-end manufacturing systems like QMS or PLM that focus mainly on databases and workflow processes. KOTEM EVOLVE Suite is an example of industrial analytics software designed to turn data into useful information for continuous quality improvement. It encourages better questions and provides better answers about your manufacturing processes.

You can read the full article over at Digital Engineering here